At the sympoisum location in the Morgan Library at CSU, local artist Stephanie Hilvitz will lead visitors into a world of imagination and myth with her Monarch butterfly art installations.


She says about her inspiration: “I have been under the spell of the Monarch for some time and this work represents the lore, the mythology and the science of the Monarch.  The Remembrance Goddess represents the lore.  The indigenous peoples of central Mexico believed the migration of the Monarchs to be the souls of their loved ones returning home.  Some think the celebration of dia de los muertos is said to have started there.  The mythology is represented by the XochiQuetzal Goddess.  XochiQuetzal, the Aztec Goddess of creativity and fertility is said to have been followed by a retinue of butterflies.  The Methuselah Goddess represents the magical migration of the Monarchs.  Three generations of butterflies travel north to Canada and the fourth generation…the methuselah generation travels some 3000 south to Michoacan to overwinter in the oyamel forests and begin the journey north again.  The Emergence Goddess represents the whole of the butterflies and the magical realism of Marquez…’the butterflies that follow, alighting like silent angels'”.

More information about the artist:




One thought on “Artists

  1. Very beautiful! You’ve done amazing things with those creatures. (Are they real butterflies, or image-artifacts of your own making?) BTW, do you know Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, FLIGHT BEHAVIOR? It deals with Monarch butterflies!


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